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Spearit Low Temp PVC Speargun Band Shrink Rings (Medium for 1/2in - 5/8in rubber)
Spearit Shrink Rings

Shrink rings are a professional finishing touch to your home crafted speargun bands. They are used to cover the constrictor cord after tying and can be shrunk to a tight fit with a heat gun.

Our new shrink rings feature a lower 212°F(100°C) activation temperature. These large size rings are recommended for band tubing between 1/2 inch(13mm) and 5/8 inch(16mm) diameter.


  • Activation Temperature: 212°F(100°C)
  • Storage Temperature: This low temperature shrink tubing will be activated at temperatures as low as 100°F(38°C) if exposed for a period of time and should be stored at a lower temperature.
  • Expanded Diameter: 5/8 inch(16mm)
  • Recovered Diameter: 5/16 inch(8mm)
  • Recommended Rubber Diameter: 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch
  • Width: 1/4 inch (+/- 0.06 inch)
  • Shrink Ratio: 2 to 1
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Black

General Compatibility - This item can be used with some products of Riffe®, Wong®, Mako®, Koah®, Hammerhead®, C4®, Salvimar®, Spetton®, Rob Allen®, JBL®, Cressi®, Picasso®, Beauchat®, Biller®, Ocean Rhino®, Spearfishing Specialties®, Sea Hornet®, Omer®, Demka®, Bandito®, and more. Spearit Group LLC unaffiliated with these manufacturers.