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Speargun Bands

Spearit Speargun Bands
9/16 inch(14mm) Primeline Rubber
Stainless Steel V Wishbones

Spearit Speargun Bands
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Spearit stock speargun bands are made with the world's finest rubber manufactured by Primeline Industries in America. To insure rapid turnover and absolute freshness, we only stock the highest volume band sizes in the most popular color, black.

Stock V bands feature our 100% stainless steel V wishbone manufactured in the Florida Keys by people who know spearfishing. They are a standard 6 inches of 2.5mm stainless round between terminals.

Select the band length from the list above and specify the quantity before adding it to the cart. For detailed information about how the nominal band length relates to the actual dimensions of these bands, see Rubber Dimensions under the Tech Specs tab on this page or go to the knowledge base page, Band Length Defined.

For help determining the proper band size check out the OEM Band Size Charts and the Calculate Band Length articles in the Spearit Knowledge Base.

Item# Item Name Price Quantity Add
12in(30cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
13in(33cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
14in(36cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
16in(41cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
18in(46cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
20in(51cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
22in(56cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
24in(61cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
30in(76cm) x 9/16in BLACK Band, V Wishbone
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Tech Specs:

Rubber Dimensions

  • Rubber Tubing Diameter - 9/16in ± 0.020in
  • The actual length of the rubber portion of this band is equal to the nominal length.
  • The active rubber length for this band is equal to the nominal length less 1.75 inches.

Primeline Rubber Specifications

  • Tensile Strength (psi): 3500 min.
  • Ultimate Elongation: 750% min.
  • Hardness (Shore A): 35 ± 5
  • 100% Modulus (psi): 125 max.
  • Specific Gravity: 0.97 max.
  • Outside Diameter Tolerances:9/16in ± 0.020in

Wishbone Specifications

  • Type: Stainless Steel V
  • Length: 6 inches between terminals
  • Material: 2.5mm diameter stainless steel round stock

Construction and Finishing Touches

  • Rubber Cut - Tapered
  • Constriction - Hand tied with Spearit Kevlar® Constrictor
  • Finishing Touches - Constrictor and taper is covered with black latex surgical tubing (Spearit's signature invisible constrictor method).


For specific compatibility information, refer to the OEM Band Size Chart in the spearitco.com Knowledge Base.

General Compatibility - This item can be used with some products of Biller®, Ocean Rhino®, Spearfishing Specialties®, Sea Hornet®, Omer®, Demka®, Bandito®, JBL®, Cressi®, Picasso®, Beauchat®, and more. Spearit Group LLC is unaffiliated with these manufacturers.