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Spearit NTR Terminal Beads: Wishbone Assembly

1. Cut the the ends of a 12in(30cm) length of wishbone cord at an angle for easier insertion into the bead.

Tip: We recommend Spearit 1.9mm Spectra® cord for use with NTR Beads.

Tip: If you are using Spectra® or Dyneema® cord, use a sharp utility knife blade and a cutting board for keep the cuts.

2. Thread (2) NTR Terminal Beads on the cord butt first from opposite ends.

Fig. 2

4. Tie an overhand knot in one end of the cord.

Fig. 3

4. Postion and tighten the knot 1/2in(13mm) from the end of the cord.

Fig. 4

5. Tie a second overhand knot in the opposite end of the cord.

6. Position and tighten this knot the desired length, from the first knot.

Tip: The most common wishbone length is 4.5in(12cm) between knots.

Fig. 6

7. Trim the excess cord, down to 1/2in(13mm) from the second knot.

8. Melt the cord back to the knot and using gloved fingers roll the molten cord into a ball against the knot.

Tip: Unraveling the braid back to the knot will speed melting.
Tip: Using a heat gun as the heat source for melting, yields the best results and is safest.

CAUTION: This step should be performed outdoors or in a well ventilated area and protective leather gloves should be worn.

Fig. 8

9. Seat the end knots in the knot chambers of the NTR terminal beads.

Fig. 9

Spearit NTR Terminal Beads: Wishbone Installation

1. Lubricate the Spearit NTR Terminal Beads of a fully assembled wishbone with a generous amount of liquid hand soap or silicone lubricant.

2. Insert the tips of the terminal beads into the ends of the latex band tubing.

Fig. 2

3. Using your thumb press the terminal beads into the tubing until the butt end of the bead is flush with the end of the tubing.

Fig. 3a
Fig. 3b

4. Position and tighten a constrictor or double constrictor knot 1/2in(13mm) from both ends of the tubing.