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Wishbone Selection

The selection of a wishbone should be based on the design of the spear shaft. Specifically how the shaft is designed to engage the wishbone.

Shafts fall into one of two main categories, those with notches cut into them and those with fins or pins welded onto them to engage the wishbone. There are also hybrids of the two where a small fin is welded in front of a recess ground in the shaft. For the purpose of choosing a wishbone these hybrid shafts equate to mini-fin shafts.

Most notched shafts are designed for use with metal wishbones. The size and shape of the notch determines which of the various metal wishbone types are compatible. V wishbones and cable wishbones will work with most notched shafts as long as the notch is of adequate size. The use of Spectra cord type wishbones is possible with notched shafts as long as the notch is smooth.

Shafts with fins or pins are designed primarily for use with cord wishbones. The size of the fin limits the diameter of the cord used for the wishbone. Mini-fin shafts have short low profile fins (3 - 5mm) and are usually designed to accept only one small diameter cord, like our 1.9mm Spectra, wishbone per fin. Shark fin shafts have larger fins (5 - 8mm) and will accept any size wishbone cord. Small diameter cord like our 1.9 or 2.5mm is usually adequate for shark fin shafts and will allow the engagement or stacking of multiple wishbones on one fin. Our 3mm Spectra cord, on the other hand, should only be used if there is a separate fin for each wishbone.

Two exceptions for which the following selection guide should not be used are Euro Spearguns designed for screw-on threaded wishbones, and spearguns with closed band-eyes that do not allow the installation of most circular bands. We sell wishbones for Euro Spearguns in the wishbone category. If you have a speargun with a closed band-eye including Euro guns with a band-eye for an additional circular band, we offer a couple of band/wishbone solutions:
  1. If your speargun is compatible with Spectra wishbones you can use custom bands with NTR Inserts. The band can be threaded through the band-eye prior to installation of the wishbone cord. If this option works for you, send an email to us with your order specifying loose wishbone cord.
  2. You can build your band and install it before making the final wishbone/rubber connection.

Review the pictures below and click on the one that most closely resembles your spear shaft type.

Shark Fin Shaft
Mini Fin Shaft
Smooth Notch Shaft
Sharp Notch Shaft