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How to Tie Secure Terminal Knots in Spectra® Braid

Spectra® is incredibly strong and also incredibly slippery. its slipperiness, or more precisely its low coefficient of friction, is partially responsible for its excellent abrasion resistance but also makes it difficult to securely knot. In fact, simple compact knots, like the overhand knot, will creep right off the end of a Spectra® line under sufficient tension.

You can find plenty of advice on the internet about tying Spectra® using complex knots. The problem is that complex knots are bulky knots. For most spearfishing applications, bulky is bad. Bulky knots add drag when used for shooting lines and when used to terminate wishbone cord, they make insertion harder and can even shorten the life of the rubber.

The secret to using simple compact knots with Spectra® and preventing "knot creep" is to melt the tail of the cord and form it into a small ball that will act as a stop.

We recommend the following procedure:

1. Position and tie tighten your knot.

2. Trim the tail 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the knot.

3. Wear leather gloves and move outdoors to perform the melting.

4. Using a heat gun or open flame melt the tail and roll the molten Spectra® into a small ball using two GLOVED fingers.