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Hand Crafted Bands
Speargun Bands / Slings
  > 1/2in(13mm)
Speargun Bands

  > 9/16in(14mm)
Speargun Bands

  > 5/8in(16mm)
Speargun Bands

Polespear Bands / Slings
Band Parts
Speargun Rubber
  > 3/8in(10mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

  > 1/2in(13mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

  > 9/16in(14mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

  > 5/8in(16mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

  > 11/16in(17.5mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

  > 3/4(19mm) O.D.
Speargun Rubber Tubing

Polespear Rubber
  > 3/8in(10mm) O.D.
Polespear Rubber Tubing

  > 1/2in(13mm) O.D.
Polespear Rubber Tubing

Speargun Wishbones / Polespear Bridles
  > 6in Stainless Steel V Wishbones
  > Spectra®¹ Wishbones / Bridles
    • Spectra®¹ Wishbones / Bridles Ready-To-Install
    • Do-It-Yourself Spectra®¹ Wishbone / Bridle Supplies
      > Spectra®¹ Wishbone / Bridle Cord
      > Spectra®¹ Wishbone / Bridle Kits
      > Wishbone / Bridle Terminals and Beads
  > Euro Threaded Wishbones
Constrictor Cord
Shrink Rings
Line, Bungees, Tackle
Spearit Spectra®¹ Speargun Line
Spearit Kevlar®² Speargun Line
Spearit Monofilament Speargun Line
Spearit Speargun Reel Line
Spearit Speargun Line Shockcords/Bungees
Spearit Speargun Line Tackle
  > Float Line Clips
  > Corkscrew (Pigtail) Snap Swivels
  > Coastlock Snap Swivels
  > Crimping Sleeves
  > Monofilament Kits

Knowledge Base
How to.....
  > ...assemble and install wishbones using Spearit NTR Beads
  > ...assemble and install wishbones using Spearit NTR Inserts
  > ...assemble speargun bands
  > ...calculate band length:
  > the best wishbone for your speargun
    • Speargun Wishbones for Mini-Fin Shafts
    • Speargun Wishbones for Shark Fin Shafts
    • Speargun Wishbones for Sharp-Notch Shafts
    • Speargun Wishbones for Smooth-Notch Shafts
  > ...tie terminal knots in Spectra® braid
  > ...tie the constrictor knot
Material Information
  > Amazing Spectra®
  > Band Length Defined
  > Band Power
  > Mandrel Dip Molding of Latex Tubing
  > OEM Speargun Band Sizes
    • A. B. Biller®
    • JBL®
    • Riffe®
    • Sea Hornet®
    • Spearfishing Specialties®
  > Rubber Specifications
  > What is "Tensile Test Strength" ?
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