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In this category you will find everything you need to build your own speargun and polespear bands. If you are new to making bands you should familiarize yourself with the process before selecting the components. We have a number of resources in our Knowledge Base section to help:

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Speargun Rubber Polespear Rubber Speargun Wishbones / Polespear Bridles Constrictor Cord Shrink Rings
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Spearit NTR Wishbone Bead (2) Threaded Euro Style Pro Adapters Speargun Band Terminals
No tools required! Make your own Euro style bands. Compatible with most threaded muzzles and wishbones.
Spearit Stainless Steel V Speargun Wishbone Spearit Spectra Speargun Line
Your choice of 2 terminal sizes! Nothing beats Spectra® Wishbone Cord!
Spearit Spectra Speargun Line Spearit Spectra Speargun Line
Nothing Beats Spectra® Wishbone Cord! Our Toughest Wishbone Cord!
Spearit Original Kevlar Constrictor Spearit Heavy Duty Kevlar Constrictor
Recommended for 5/8in dia rubber and smaller Extra strength for larger diameter rubber!
Spearit NTR Wishbone Bead Spearit NTR Wishbone Bead
No tools required! No tools required!
Spearit Stock Bead Spectra Speargun Wishbone Spearit Euro Style Articulated Wishbone
Ready to install! Standard 14mm thread, incl. V and U wishbone. Compatible with most Euro spearguns!
Spearit NTR Wishbone Bead Kit
Everything you need to make and install 3 wishbones for 9/16in-3/4in rubber

¹¹Discounted factory reel packs may not be continuous and may be in up to 3 pieces.