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From our super light and compact coastlocks, to our tournament quality spearfishing favorite corkscrews or our heavy duty tuna clips for floatlines, all of our snaps are 100% stainless steel for strength and reliability. Additionally, we have the right crimping sleeves and stainless steel thimbles to get the most out a monofilament shooting line.

Float Line Clips Corkscrew (Pigtail) Snap Swivels Coastlock Snap Swivels Crimping Sleeves Monofilament Kits
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Spearit Float Line Clip Spearit Coastlock Snap
Quick, Easy and Super Strong Snaps Small and light weight. Perfect tackle for speargun lines.
Spearit Corkscrew Swivel Spearit Speargun Monofilament Line Kit
These quality pro-grade corkscrew type snaps are a spearo favorite 4 sizes from 250 to 500 lb Mono. Includes line, copper crimps and stainless thimbles for up to 5 lines!
Spearit Copper Double Crimping Sleeves Stainless Steel Thimbles
4 sizes to choose from Sized to work with our entire line selection
Spearit Hand Crimper
An essential tool for rigging mono line.