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Mini Stainless Steel Coastlock Snap Swivel
Spearit Coastlock Snap
Our Snap Swivels are 100% stainless steel and are 3 xs stronger than conventional brass swivels of the same size. The manufactuer, American Fishing Wire, has engineered these snap swivels to be smaller and lighter than most competing tackle of equal strength.

Size Material
270lb(122kg) 2.25in(57mm) #2 Gunmetal Black Anodized Stainless Steel
320lb(145kg) 2.5in(63mm) #1 Gunmetal Black Anodized Stainless Steel
450lb(204kg) 3.25in(83mm) #2/0 Gunmetal Black Anodized Stainless Steel
600lb(272kg) 3.5in(89mm) #4/0 Gunmetal Black Anodized Stainless Steel

Item# Item Name Price Quantity Add
TACK-SNAP-270A 270lb Coastlock Snap
TACK-SNAP-27HA 270lb Coastlock Snap ( 100 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-276A 270lb Coastlock Snap (  6 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-27KA 270lb Coastlock Snap (1000 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-320A 320lb Coastlock Snap
TACK-SNAP-32HA 320lb Coastlock Snap ( 100 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-326A 320lb Coastlock Snap (  6 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-32KA 320lb Coastlock Snap (1000 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-450A 450lb Coastlock Snap
TACK-SNAP-45HA 450lb Coastlock Snap ( 100 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-454A 450lb Coastlock Snap (  4 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-45KA 450lb Coastlock Snap (1000 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-600A 600lb Coastlock Snap
TACK-SNAP-60HA 600lb Coastlock Snap ( 100 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-604A 600lb Coastlock Snap (  4 Pack)
TACK-SNAP-60KA 600lb Coastlock Snap (1000 Pack)
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General Compatibility - This item can be used with some products of Riffe®, Wong®, Mako®, Koah®, Hammerhead®, C4®, Salvimar®, Spetton®, Rob Allen®, JBL®, Cressi®, Picasso®, Beauchat®, Biller®, Ocean Rhino®, Spearfishing Specialties®, Sea Hornet®, Omer®, Demka®, Bandito®, and more. Spearit Group LLC unaffiliated with these manufacturers.