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Spearit Deep LLC
PO Box 990943
Naples, FL 34116


Wanted: Telephone Attendant
Qualifications: Expert spearo; Must be fluent in English, Spanish,
French, Italian, Russian, Greek, German, Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish.

Availability Requirements: 24/7/365
Job Description: Taking telephone calls day and night and giving
expert answers to our beloved customers who may
be calling from anywhere in the world.

Location: Must relocate to Marco Island, Florida.
Compensation: Minimal. Like the rest of Team Spearit our telephone
attendant will need to put satisfied customers and low
prices ahead of their own quality of life.

Until we find a talented, selfless, workaholic to fill the position listed above,
please email your questions to us and include your telephone number.
If we can't adequately address your question or comment via email,
we will call you.