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5/8 Inch Speargun Bands

Start by checking our selection of value priced stock bands for the band you need.

If we don't stock it, we will build it. If you can't find the right size stock band, with the perfect wishbone or you have a strong aversion to black rubber, go to the Custom Band Builder and configure the precise band you need.

If you require assistance in determining the size and configuration of your new bands, we have the following resources available in our Knowledge Base:

  • OEM Band Size Charts - Stock band set charts for the most popular brands in the U.S. speargun market.
  • Band Length Calculator - If you just can't find the manufacturers band specs and you don't have an original band to measure, we offer instructions and a handy calculator for estimating the band length for your speargun.
  • Band Power - The band power chart is a reference for comparing the power difference between bands of different tubing diameters.
  • Wishbone Selection - This guide offers help in determining the optimal wishbone for your speargun.

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Spearit Speargun Bands Spearit Speargun Bands
The most common sizes. In stock and ready to ship! The most common sizes. In stock and ready to ship!

¹Spectra® is a trademark of Honeywell International a U.S. corporation. 100% of the fiber contained in our braided Spectra® cords is genuine Spectra® manufactured in America by Honeywell. All additional processing of the Spectra fiber is performed by Spearit Group LLC and its subcontractors excluding Honeywell.