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Spearit Polespear Bands
3/8in(10mm) Kent Rubber
Spectra® Bridle

Spearit 3/8 inch Polespear Bands
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Spearit's 3/8 inch(10mm) Polespear Bands are made with high quality latex rubber tubing manufactured in the U.S.A. by Kent Elastomer of Ohio. The wishbones are made from our super tough 1.9mm Spectra®¹ Cord. You can find more detailed information under the Tech Specs tab.

Choose the band length from the list above. For efficiency sake, we keep a small inventory of the most popular sizes and pass the savings on to you. These are denoted as STOCK on the size list. Bands sizes denoted as CUSTOM are made to order, usually within 24 hours.

Item# Item Name Price Quantity Add
POLE-BAND-2310 23in(58cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-2410 24in(61cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-2610 26in(66cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-2810 28in(71cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-3010 30in(76cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-3210 32in(81cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
POLE-BAND-3410 34in(86cm) x 3/8in BLACK Band
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Important Product Notes:

¹Spectra® is a trademark of Honeywell International a U.S. corporation. 100% of the fiber contained in our braided Spectra® cords is genuine Spectra® manufactured in America by Honeywell. All additional processing of the Spectra fiber is performed by Spearit Group LLC and its subcontractors excluding Honeywell.

²Kevlar® is a trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company a U.S. corporation more commonly referred to as DuPont. 100% of the fiber contained in our braided Kevlar® cords is genuine Kevlar® manufactured in America by Dupont. All additional processing of the Kevlar® fiber is performed by Spearit Group LLC and its subcontractors excluding Dupont.

Tech Specs:
  • Rubber Tubing Size: 3/8 inch (10mm) O.D. x 3/16 inch (5mm) I.D.
  • Rubber Manufacturer: Kent
  • Rubber Color: Black
  • Rubber Length Between Constriction Points: 1/2 inch (13mm) less than overall rubber length
  • Wishbone Type: 1.9mm Spectra® Braid
  • Wishbone Length: 9 inch (23cm) measured between constriction points

General Compatibility - This item can be used with some products of IST®, Riffe®, JBL®, Sea Stinger®, Henley®, Cressi®, Biller®, Omer®, Head Hunter®, Gat-Ku®, Mako®, Bandito®, Trident®, and more. Spearit Group LLC unaffiliated with these manufacturers.