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Polespear Rubber Tubing

Kent Polespear Band Rubber Tubing
3/8in(10mm) Outside Dia. 3/16in(5mm) Inside Dia.

spearitco.com 3/8 inch (10mm) Polespear Rubber

Our 3/8 inch polespear rubber is made in the U.S.A. by Kent Elastomer. The title of each listing contains the manufacturer and color of the rubber.

    Curious about the manufacturing process?
    Wondering why you can't buy natural latex tubing in longer continuous pieces?
    Check out our Knowledge Base article on Dip Manufacturing.

    Item# Item Name Total Quantity Add
    RUBR-606B-10FT 10ft(3m) BLACK 3/8in Rubber
    RUBR-606B-20FT 20ft(6m) BLACK 3/8in Rubber
    RUBR-606B-30FT 30ft(9m) BLACK 3/8in Rubber
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    Important Product Notes:
    ¹¹Discounted factory Spool packs are rarely continuous and may consist of up to 3 segments. For international orders (outside the USA) of this item, the tubing will be shipped coiled to avoid higher shipping cost.

    Tech Specs:


    Outside Diameter - 3/8in (10mm)
    Inside Diameter - 5/16in (5mm)
    Outside Diameter Tolerance - ±0.02in
    Length - The described length is the minimum length and the actual length will be greater in most cases.

    Physical Properties for Kent Elastomer Latex Rubber Tubing

    Modulus at 100% - 120 PSI average
    Modulus at 300% - 190 PSI maximum
    Modulus at 500% - 300 PSI minimum
    Tensile Strength - 3500 PSI minimum
    Elongation at Break: - 750%
    Specific Gravity - 0.95 minimum
    Shore A Durometer Hardness - 35 ± 5


    General Compatibility - This item can be used with some products of IST®, Riffe®, JBL®, Sea Stinger®, Henley®, Cressi®, Biller®, Omer®, Head Hunter®, Gat-Ku®, Mako®, Bandito®, Trident®, and more. Spearit Group LLC unaffiliated with these manufacturers.